LUCKY THIRTEEN (A Danny Jones Thriller)

My first adult novel, Lucky Thirteen, is finally complete and I’m shopping it out to literary agents now represented!

I like the banner I did enough to keep it up, but L13 is now…ready? Here’s the new title:

The Sisterhood of St. Catherine

You can read more about the querying process and the road to finding an agent on my blog.

Here’s a tidbit for you: A down-on-her-luck linguist must decipher love letters and lies before another undergraduate dies — Jack Reacher meets THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO. Yes, the MC (main character) is a linguist who does side work for the mob. Yes, the MC rides a motorcycle — not one of those crotch-rockets or things that make way too much bloody noise, but a nice little Triumph Bonneville T100 (I’m an old-fashioned kind of a gal). Yes, the MC is sexy and smart and doesn’t take any shit from anyone. Does that make you want to read more?

I hope so.

Chapter One had been here for a bit, but I’m taking it down temporarily while Danny Jones is in the shop for an overhaul and a re-titling. Look for a teaser in the future.

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