Flash fiction and other literary snippets

Amalfi Coast Tunnel

Thrilled to announce my flash fiction memoir “The Honey Clusters” garnered an honorable mention (4th place!) in the 2015 Bethlehem Writers Roundtable Short Story Contest. The work will be featured in their November/December 2015 issue!

Huge thank-you’s to all my wonderful critique partners over at Scribophile for helping make the piece shine.


I’m also happy to announce that my piece ‘Days to Go Before I Sleep’ got an honourable mention in the Molotov Cocktail‘s April 2015 Flash Fool Contest. You can read it here. Other stories are currently out on submission to various journals and other contests. I’ll be posting results as soon as someone tells me something. Meanwhile, below is a list of publications, contest wins, and a few tidbits that happened in between novel revisions and other flash pieces.

Update: 27 January 2016
The year is off to a good start, with three new publications in January. I’m happy to be back at Maudlin House, Zetetic: A Record of Unusual Inquiry, and Five2One Magazine’s The Sideshow with some brand new pieces, including the third installment in Alice’s Autobiography. Also, my musically-inspired flash fiction “Ways to Make Me Leave You” will be published by the wonderful Pidgeonholes in March.

In the meantime, I have a short story about the exclusivity of a small southern town out on submission to several higher-tier markets and have finished the draft of another southern-themed short called “Kingdom Come” that I’m especially proud of.

Publications (those in bold red available now!)

March 2016
“Ways to Make Me Leave You” Pidgeonholes

January 2016
Porphyria’s Tricolor (Or, That Browning Poem in Blue, White, and Red) Zetetic: A Record of Unusual Inquiry

Circles Five2One Magazine’s The Sideshow

Alice’s Address Book Maudlin House

December 2015
Seven Periods and a Bell” Youth Imagination Magazine

Mrs. Armstrong Counts her Chickens Defenestration

Alice’s Armoire Maudlin House

1967 After the Pause

heat/wave/length After the Pause

November 2015
Out, spot Five2One Magazine’s The Sideshow

Six Sounds Zetetic: A Record of Unusual Inquiry

Alice’s Atlas Maudlin House

The Honey Clusters Bethlehem Writers Roundtable

Renaissance Town Duckbill Anthology

October 2015
The Gazing Glass The Fable Online

House for Sale Pidgeonholes

Me and Ol’ Blue Drunk Monkeys

September 2015
Debt” Saturday Night Reader (Sadly, SNR has shut down effective 19 October. Sorry, folks!)

August 2015
We Don’t Want Any Platform for Prose

April 2015
Days to Go before I Sleep” The Molotov Cocktail  Want the print version?
It’s now available on Amazon in the Prize Winners Anthology!


“The Honey Clusters”
Honorable Mention (4th Place) Bethlehem Writers Roundtable 2015 Short Story Award

“Days to Go before I Sleep”
Honorable Mention, Molotov Cocktail Flash Fool Contest

“In the Bleak Midwinter”
1st place, Scribophile Group-Sponsored contest

Stay tuned.  More coming soon.

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