I live for this kind of thing!


sunvssnow copy2

Yes, it’s finally here!! Today at 4 pm EST the submission window for Sun versus Snow opens. Michelle and I are very excited to be bringing you this contest again, and are looking forward to hearing all the success stories that come from the contest – *fingers crossed*.

While we are waiting to open the window I wanted to share a few reminders:

1) Once the window opens please get your entry in ASAP. We are only taking the first 200 entries!

2) Before sending, please double-check to make sure your entry is formatted correctly. Formatting link is here:


3) If your entry is not selected this year, please DO NOT be discouraged. As with everything in publishing this is a very subjective process. Not only do Michelle and I have our preferences, but we also have to keep in mind what the participating agents are looking to…

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